Maryvale Community Association (MCA)

Our Association's mission is to cultivate informed residents through active involvement in Maryvale and enhance our environment, with a harmonious community voice.

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Next Community Meeting

Tuesday, Mar 7,2023 7pm-8pm - Location: Maryvale Public Library @ Parkway Mall.   

Meetings to follow:

Sep 12, 2023

Dec 5, 2023

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Maryvale Events

A poem written by former MCA Vice President, Tracy Rafferty.

The Maryvale Community Association was on its way out,

When Michael Thompson gathered us to share what it was about.

We formed the new executive by choosing our roles

And poured over the constitution to modernize controls.


Signing at the bank, incorporating, summer events,

Supporting Philadelphia trips and avoiding dissent.

Meeting with Magnum Opus and lots of city staff,

Ending meetings in the mall, sharing a laugh.


We’ve met in the library, backyards, basements and the park.

Many times in the clubhouse, even in the dark.

Bad weather, good weather, a really big storm,

But our conversations have always been friendly and warm.


It’s been a pleasure and honour to serve with you here

As we met to discuss Maryvale, year after year.

I’ll still be attending and we’ll never lose touch,

Because the time with each of you has always meant so much.

Scarborough News & Events

Scarborough Scores a big win at the Federal Election Boundaries Commission:

 Scarborough scores a big win at the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission! The final report of the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission was released last week. It has been covered extensively in local media. All media reports are framing this as a win for Scarborough. We agree. It’s a big improvement over the Commission’s initial proposal, which took away a Scarborough riding and placed northwest Scarborough into North York ridings. The final report provides us with six Scarborough-focused ridings once again, all with “Scarborough” front and centre in their name. Four of them are completely within Scarborough. Scarborough Agincourt is back; it now includes a small sliver of North York. Scarborough Centre, now named “Scarborough Centre Don Valley East”, is 55% in Scarborough and 45% in North York. So it’s not perfect, but it’s much better than in the initial report. SCRO wants to thank the thousands of Scarborough residents who defended Scarborough so proudly and passionately during the Commission’s consultation process. Our voices were heard loud and clear and we made a difference. Toronto still has only has 24 seats, down from 25 seats, which is disappointing. Diluting the political representation of Ontario’s economic engine and cultural hub is a loss for our city. 

Larry Whatmore, President 

Scarborough Community Renewal Organization

Neighbourhood Links

Maryvale Public Library: 

Maryvale Softball:            

Maryvale Tennis:               

City of Toronto

Toronto Snow Clearing Plan: 

Toronto Police Services:           Know Your Rights Informational Video 


Maryvale is part of City Ward 21   

Councillor:  Deputy Mayor Michael Thompson 

Councillor Website

Scarborough Centre - Ward 21 Website

Community Updates 

Keep Our Environment Clean

Waste Wizard - City of Toronto 

Keep our neighbourhood parks and streets clean. 

Interesting Facts

It takes 1 month for a paper bag to decompose. 

It takes 2 months for cardboard to decompose.

It takes 10 to 12 months for cigarette butts to decompose.

It takes 50 years for foam plastic cups to decompose.

It takes 400 years for plastic bottles  to decompose,

It takes 200 to 1000 years for plastic bottles to decompose.