Why Become a Member?

Being a member allows you to voice your concerns over safety, security, development, traffic and any other issues that affect us all. It is also a way to connect with your neighbours. We need our membership in order to continue bringing to you neighbourhood group events and communications through emails. The Association has a good relationship with our current area Councillor for the city. And remember, it only costs a dollar annually. A small price to pay for a vibrant community!  
Article on Scarborough Neighbourhood Groups: 

Residents - We Need YOU!

Our Association depends on YOU!  If we all assume that our neighbour will do it, then no one will do it! It is unfair to leave everything up to the same people all the time. They will burn out. The community will suffer, and as a result our children, parents and grandparents will suffer. It is unreasonable to leave everything up to the same people all the time. They will and do burn out.  

The Importance of Community

Living in a community can be very important for your well-being. When you live in a neighbourhood, it is very important to create a community of your own for multiple reasons. A community is a group of people coming together for a similar cause.  Therefore, getting along with those you are surrounded by can be helpful for everyone within the community. Not everyone is a social butterfly, but there are many reasons why you might want to be part of your community. 

Personal Safety and Security:  

Knowing your neighbours will help you feel safe. Neighbours can keep an eye on your property when you are away and notify you if they see anything out of the ordinary. Building strong friendships is important because you never know when in the event of an emergency you might need a helping hand. 

Building Friendships: 

Friends come from all walks of life. Building a strong bond can literally heal you mentally and spiritually. Being able to connect with your neighbours will keep you sane from everyday stressors!

Voicing your Rights: 

Multiple people coming together can honestly have an impact on what happens in your 
community. You can all come together for any issues that may affect your neighbourhood. Studies have shown that communities who come together create a positive atmosphere which causes crime rates to decreaseBy coming together as one, you are defining what is acceptable in your community and what is not contributing to the development of your neighbourhood. Your children will be safer and who does not want their children to feel safe in their neighbourhood! 

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