Mission Statement

"Our Association's mission is to cultivate informed residents through active involvement in Maryvale and enhance our environment, with a harmonious community voice."

Maryvale is part of Ward 21

Our Councillor:  Michael Thompson 
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Upcoming Events in Maryvale: 

At Maryvale Public Library 85 Ellesmere (Parkway Mall) 416-396-8931

Parkway Mall Transformation 


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Love a Village
Rob Lovering Spencer, local resident and teacher at Maryvale Public School is joining Love a Village for their July 2019 trip to Malawi. The following explains what Love a Village is all about. They are currently looking for items such as two big old suitcases, pencils, pens, paper, stickers, soccer balls. If you have any of these items to donate or wish to donate financially you will increase the happiness of these impoverished school children. See Rob's newsletter and how to donate at the following link: 
Love A Village - Rob's Newsletter   Look for the name Rob.

This explains what Love a Village is about:
Love a Village Mission is bringing hope to African villages. Working alongside local leaders, we pursue a sustainable and healthy future for vulnerable communities. We collaborate to meet needs for food, water & education and more. The cycle of poverty can be broken by empowering families to stay healthy and gain the skills and training needed to become independent and self-sustainable.

Our strategy is to help among the "neediest of the needy" in Northern Malawi, by focusing one village at a time starting in the community of Luhomero - a network of 42 villages. Working with local partners in a way that unleashes their potential, Love a Village has set some simple 5 year goals:

Clean Water

  • Approximately 1000 water filters 

Food Security

  • New farming techniques training and implementation

  • Composting

  • Mushroom Farming

  • Beekeeping

  • Chickens, goats & other animals

  • Fruit trees

Safe Shelter

  • Sheet metal roofing to replace homes with thatch roofing

Health & Hygiene

  • 500 toilets (100/year)

  • Health and Hygiene education campaigns


  • Girls programmes involving teaching sewing skills & feminine hygiene

  • Skills for life programmes for girls and women

  • Scholarships for High School (coming)

Empowering Girls and Women

 Run Little Monkey in the community

At Run Little Monkey, we support and promote women in sports as a way for them to build confidence, build networks, and, of course, stay healthy and fit. 

You’ll often find our owner volunteering at road races and other sporting events and as we grow will continue to grow our community engagement.

From the start, we are supporting Girls Inc. of York Region, which runs an amazing sports-focussed program for girls and young women. A portion of the sale of every Run Little Monkey shirt will go to support their efforts.

This is Gail on International Women's Day at Parkway Mall's Staples.